“I am no longer worthy”

Below is the email I sent to a woman who interviewed me for a job, offered me the job and then retracted by job offer, after late discloser of my conviction on the recruiters part. This email was sent on the 19th April 2017 and has been ignored by not only the woman who interviewed me but by the whole company and recruitment agency. So, not only do they feel I am unworthy of an advertised job role, I am also unworthy of a reply to my email. Is this rehabilitation for ex offenders? Is this a fair chance at employment? Is this right? This lady was made aware of my conviction at 8am and my job offer was retracted at 10.30am, with no contact at all with me, while considering my offence/conviction.

Hi Louise,

 I hope you are well. This morning I received a very disappointing phone call from Alice at Hewett, advising me that the job offer verbally proposed to me on Thursday 13th April has now been retracted due to my disclosed conviction.

 After a very successful interview and subsequent verbal job offer, I would just like some clarification on why the offer no longer stands, based on a conviction that was for a single offence in 2009, with no other offences in the last 8 years and me having solid employment for the past four years.

 I was the best candidate for the job role, hence the quick offer. My single offence in no way affects my ability or suitability for the role I applied for and the role I was offered, prior to my conviction disclosure.

 I wasn’t asked about any convictions during the interview however I did disclose them on the appropriate application form.

 I am very sorry that based on a single mistake that happened 7 years ago, you feel I am unfit for a role in the Mainstay group, however I would urge you to consider a more lenient approach in the future when it comes to the employment of ex offenders, as we all make mistakes and still have to move on, work and live a life. I have showed a strong willingness and determination to change my life and make the best out of a bad and unfortunate  situation.  1 in 4 people in the U.K have a criminal conviction on record. A more thorough approach maybe sought while considering people like myself for a role in Mainstay because as previously stated, an incident that happened when I was 19 in no way affects my ability to carry out the requirements stated in the proposed role.

 It’s a shame that Mainstay have retracted my job offer, however I look forward to hearing from you with your reasons why this has happened and why you now feel that I am no longer worthy or suitable for the role I was suitable for yesterday.

 Many thanks for your time.

 Michaela Booth

5 thoughts on ““I am no longer worthy”

  1. I am behind you on this one. This is invisible discrimination against a vulnerable group. Let’s make it visible. Come on Employment Minister! Have some steel against such practices. Cranni


  2. 1. Don’t tell them.
    2. If someone else tells them, causing you to lose your job, sue the person that told them.
    3. One of those human rights articles relates to having a private life – they breached that right.


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